As a licensed Customhouse brokerage, Uniway Customs Services Inc (UCSI) has been empowered by the US Department of Homeland Security to represent importers before US Customs.  We will be your liaison to the import community, interacting with your other service providers (Steamship Line, Airline, Freight Forwarder, Trucker, Warehouse) and ensuring that all imports comply with Other Government Agency regulations (such as FDA, USDA, ATF, DOT, EPA, FCC, & F&W) to ensure the smooth and efficient handling of your imported merchandise.  You will be notified once all of the formalities have been resolved and your goods are available for pickup.  If needed, as a full service Customs broker, we can also arrange to have your shipment trucked to final destination.

Our firm offers professional Customs entry preparation & filings at competitive and affordable rates. We are dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding customs brokerage service. As a full service customs broker, we also offer a complete range of import customs brokerage services, including FDA, USDA, ATF, DOT, EPA, FCC, & F&W filings as well as local trucking services.

We are also authorized for and have been efficiently implementing Remote Location Filing.  We can clear most importations in any US Customs Port for importers with a valid Continuous Bond!

We also prepare Automated Clearing House (ACH) statements for customs duty payments in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations 19 for use by US Customs (CBP). We try to balance the best of technology with the best of the human experience. Technology runs in the background in the form of cutting edge, customs clearance tools. On the forefront, calls are always answered by a live "HUMAN" operator never a computer prompting you to select a number. A manager will always take the time to patiently answer your questions. We understand that you select us to assist you with your importing needs because if everyone knew all there was to know about importing, there would be no reason to use a customs broker.

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